We are here to walk with you through all of life’s hard transitions.

From your initial telephone call to the signing of your final documents, our team is dedicated to ensuring your matter is resolved in a timely and efficient manner.

Our Core Values

1. Compassion – We are sympathetic to the difficulties of navigating unplanned, hard life transitions.

2. Leadership – We focus on leading you through uncharted territory because although you haven’t done this before, we have.

3. Service – We attend to your needs by being available and attentive.

4. Preparation – We conduct strategic planning early and often to ensure you feel adequately prepared when making difficult decisions.

5. Knowledge – We continue to engage in ongoing continuing education to stay apprised of the latest changes in case law.

Our Attorneys

Principal Attorney

Whitney Taylor

I genuinely believe the more you know regarding your options, the more empowered you will feel when making a decision. My personal and professional experience has proven to me no two families are alike and the complexity surrounding each case deserves a personal, thorough and realistic approach that works for your individual family. It is my goal to provide effective support to you through every step of your case, to allow you greater access to honest, practical and personal representation.


Cassandra J. Hoben

I am a first generation attorney from Coaldale, Pennsylvania. My passions include decriminalizing mental health and poverty. Additionally, I want to help families going through some of the hardest times of their lives at Taylor Legal Services.

Office Staff


Sierra Smith

We’ve experienced major life disruptions and want to help you through whatever you’re going through.

Here’s how you get help:

1. Schedule Your Consultation

You’ll meet with an attorney to talk about your specific situation and see how we can help.

2. Create A Custom Roadmap

We’ll give you a snapshot of your options and what moving forward would look like for you.

3. Together we tackle your problem.

We come alongside you to navigate the entire process with you.

Life change is scary - but it doesn’t have to be overwhelming.

Schedule your consultation today so you can have a partner who has your back and helps craft the best solution possible.