Winston-Salem Estate Planning

Know what will happen when you’re no longer here.

Estate planning allows you to ease the burden on family members when you are unable to make health decisions for yourself or once you pass away.

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What You Need To Know About Estate Planning

Our estate planning package includes four documents:

  1. Durable Power of Attorney
  2. Healthcare Power of Attorney
  3. Last Will and Testament
  4. Advanced Directive

While most people think estate planning is only for after they die, it also helps plan for what is called Incapacity.

Incapacity means a person is unable to manage their affairs (property or business) because they are either:

  • Unable to receive and evaluate information
  • Unable to make or communicate decisions with the use of technological assistants
  • Missing, detained (including incarceration), or outside the United States and unable to return.


The four documents needed for Estate Planning:

Durable Power of Attorney

A Durable Power of Attorney allows you to grant authority to an agent to act on your behalf, avoiding the need for a guardian of your estate.

Healthcare Power of Attorney

A Healthcare Power of Attorney gives you the ability to appoint someone to give, withhold, or withdraw consent to medical treatment on your behalf in the case you lack sufficient understanding or capacity to make or communicate health care decisions.

Advanced Directive

An Advanced Directive puts your end-of-life decision making in your hands and helps you avoid uncertainty in end-of-life scenarios where you can’t properly communicate your desires.

Last Will and Testament

Your Last Will and Testament communicates how you wish to disperse your individually owned assets upon your death. This helps avoid the rigid and sometimes innappropriate rules of intestacy.

Getting help with Estate Planning is simple.

Follow these three steps:

1. Schedule Your Consultation

You’ll meet with an attorney to talk about your specific situation and see how we can help.

2. Create A Custom Roadmap

We’ll give you a snapshot of your options and what moving forward would look like for you.

3. Together we tackle your problem.

We come alongside you to navigate the entire process with you.

Life change is scary - but it doesn’t have to be overwhelming.

Schedule your consultation today so you can have a partner who has your back and helps craft the best solution possible.