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What You Need To Know About Contempt

When the court has ordered something and a person fails to comply, the court order is enforced through the powers of Contempt.

In North Carolina, there are two types of contempt proceedings:

1. Civil Contempt – the goal of civil contempt is to simply have the other party comply with what the Court has ordered

2. Criminal Contempt – the goal of criminal contempt is to punish the party who has violated the court’s order.

A person cannot be held in both civil and criminal contempt for the same act. Your first step will be to determine if you want to proceed under civil or criminal contempt.

Two Types of Contempt

You cannot charge someone with both types of contempt for the same act. The listing below will help you determine which type of contempt makes the most sense for your situation.

Civil Contempt

To prove civil contempt, you will need:

  • The order being violated remains in full force and effect;
  • The purpose of the order may still be served by compliance with the order;
  • The noncompliance of the order is willful;
  • The person the order is directed is able to comply with the order or is able to take reasonable measures that would enable the person to comply with the order.

Criminal Contempt

To prove criminal contempt, you will need:

  • The order being violated remains in full force and effect;
  • The person in question is in willful disobedience of, resistance to, or interference with a court’s lawful process, order, directive, or instruction or its execution.

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