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What You Need To Know About Child Custody

In North Carolina, the general rule dictating child custody decisions says, “An order for child custody of a minor child shall award the custody of such child to the person who will best promote the best interest and welfare of the child.” Unless there is a court order directing otherwise, each parent has equal access to their child. The State encourages Judges to make decisions that will allow both parents to share in the responsibilities of raising their child taking into consideration mental illness, substance abuse, and domestic violence. In cases where living with a parent is not in the best interest of the child due to mental illness, substance abuse or domestic violence, a judge will determine which parent best promotes the interest of the minor.

One Thing To Consider

Because both parents are entitled to custody, it is vital to have an order in place that dictates the custody and visitation schedules during separation to ensure stability for the children.

Do you need a Parent Coordinator for your child custody disupute?

A parent coordinator does not represent either parent in the dispute. Instead, they serve as a third-party neutral to be child focused. 

What Parent Coordinators Do

Parent coordinators help parents resolve disputes not specifically addressed in the custody order or issues that might be ambiguous or have conflicting terms.


What Parent Coordinators Do Not Do

The parent coordinator does not have the authority to make significant changes to the custodial agreement. Instead, they assist in crafting specific solutions to specific issues the court grants them authority to oversee in the appointment order.

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